The Time is always Now

A curated showcase of art and design in Copenhagen.

Group-Exhibition, One-Off
Denmark, 2015
Museumsbygningen Kastelsvej 18 2100 Cph Ø
November 27, 2015 — November 29, 2015

True to tradition, The Time is Always Now will be held again this year in ‘Museumsbygningen’. The fair takes place from 27.-29. November. Souvanni Asmussen, Malene Birger & Lis Kasper, Anne Damgaard, Jonas Hvid Søndergaard, Iben Høj, Steen Ipsen, Stine Leth, Banja Rathnov Galleri & Kunsthandel, Grethe Sekel Kielberg, Råberi Over Hegnet, Lisbet Friis & Birgitte Lund, Superobjekt will participate in this year’s fair. and Zilmers.

The fair presents a bouquet of contemporary expressions: design, art, ceramics, photography, poetry, fashion and crafts. The common denominator is the time in which we live – it is the impression of time transformed into expression.
The museum building is thus transformed into one large total work of art, where each participant contributes to a larger narrative about who we are and what the world looks like right now. It is an artistic interpretation of our time – a scenographic tableau of the feelings and thoughts of the time.

wool, silk-georgette, tulle, prints, wire
draped dress, video-projection, sound, light, textile-installation

Isak Hoffmeyer
Anne Damgaard
@ Anne Damgaard
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