The Roads Around...

Participants: actress Petrine Agger, graphics artist Jeanne Betak, clothing designer Anne Damgaard, actress Mette Frank, artist Marianne Grønnow, sculptor Tina Maria Nielsen, DJ Katrine Ring, rhetorician Barbara Læssøe Stephensen, author Janne Teller and jewelry designer Carolina Vallejo.

Exhibition, Group-Exhibition, One-Off
Denmark, 2013
Karen Blixen Museum, Rungstedlund
February 8, 2013 — April 1, 2013

Excerpts of Exhibition guide:

ANNE DAMGAARD Eros, Selene, Shadow, Pearl, Drapes, Shawl, 2013, photo and textile

Pearl is the title of one of Anne Damgaard’s works. Yet there are no pearls, no African authenticity. A series of fata morgana-like images somewhere between fact and fiction. Perhaps the tarred string holding the picture above the curtain is really the one from which Karen Blixen’s tame owl was found hanging? or a reference to the tackle yarn entangling the peregrin falcon in The Sailor Boy’s Tale. yet any figures, landscapes, body parts we might see in these images must belong to ourselves. Ore to someone sneaking into the picture from the roads Round. Damgaard’s pictures are pure creations of light registred on various textiles. Aesthetic moments.

ANNE DAMGAARD Snake, 2013, wool curtain, digital print

Janne Teller’s short story African Roads allows the milky whiteness to veil and protect her. As she is summonded to capture the ghost on Blixen’s farm, she comes up against her own phantoms anxiety, the serpent. Perhaps the same one for which Anne damgaard’s disturbingly beautiful photoprint curtain was named? A shadow image. As Blixen’s curtains recall veils it creates a coincidental yet powerful association between Teller’s milky-whitw fog of repression and Damgaard’s darkly lumescent veilings. What hides behind the shadow image: a true snake or the light. Is repression necessary?
– Barbara Læssøe Stephensen, 2013

prints, polyester and wool
6 photographs
2 textile installations
Anne Damgaard
Gyda Pedersen
Kvindernes Bygningsfond
Danish Arts Foundation
@ Anne Damgaard
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