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Innovative clothing design at the Danish Museum of Art & Design

Exhibition, Sole-Exhibition, One-Off
Denmark, 2001
Designmuseum Danmark
July 27, 2001 — September 2, 2001

From 27 July, visitors to the Danish Museum of Art & Design can experience a series of dresses by the award-winning fashion designer Anne Damgaard. The experimental creations in linen, stiff and tulle are part of an overall installation with a visualization of the designer’s unique draping methods. With a few simple tools, the exhibition goes behind the process and compares the finished product with the ideas and thoughts behind it.

The 33-year-old Anne Damgaard was already known at the graduation show from the Danish School of Design in 1997 for her draped dresses and her very innovative style. Here she presented a deeply original and adventurous collection of tulle dresses, produced by a self-developed draping technique. The dresses aroused the critics’ enthusiasm and quickly found their way to the shop windows at e.g. Nørgaard på Strøget and the exclusive business Onward Kashiyama in Paris.

Since then, Anne Damgaard has received several scholarships and the award “The Blue Thimble” in 1998. She has participated in several exhibitions and has for a period been a designer at Dranella in close collaboration with fashion designer Søs Drasbæk. Here she had her independent niche collection under the name “Dream On”.

Anne Damgaard draws inspiration from i.a. art, architecture and fashion history. The dresses on display are inspired by the artists Bernard Frize (France) and Gunnar Aagaard Andersen (Denmark), the American architect Frank Gehry and the French fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet.

A small catalog has been printed for the exhibition, which in words and pictures goes in depth with Anne Damgaard’s way of working and clarifies the connection with the sources of inspiration.

Linen, nylon-tulle, nylon-stiff
4 draped dresses
Rasmus Koch Studio
Installation consultant:
Cecilie Manz
Design consultant:
Jan Mackenhauer

P. Wessel
Jan Berg
Danish Arts Foundation
Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968
L.F. Foghts Fond
Kong Frederik og Dronning Ingrids Fond til humanitære og kulturelle formål
@ Anne Damgaard
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