Is this Colour?

A questioning play about sensation and development and our understanding of textile design now and in the future. This is what meets the guests at the exhibition "Is This Colour?" in the Round Tower’s Library Hall. Colours communicate immediately to us and affect our mood and actions. KONTEMPO, an association of textile designers, has invited all artistic professions to exhibit new works that examine the question "Is This Colour?". The works range from the colourful and expressive to the conceptual and subtle, and the exhibition includes guided tours, talks and a catalogue – more at

Jury: Louise Campbell, Stine Find Oesther, Charlotte Jul

Exhibition, Group-Exhibition, One-Off
Denmark, 2019
Round Tower
May 11, 2019 — June 23, 2019

‘Keep Quiet’ is a textile study of variations focused on intersections and interfaces in meetings between transparency, colours, light and darkness.

Circles and square pieces build up in grid compositions of transparent layers. A dark dusty red and ink blue tulle, raw white gauze, white organdie and raw white and black organza.

Yellow is consciously deselected, to avoid competition with light created through layers, transparency, and reflection from aluminium surface. “Colour arises in the interplay between light and darkness.” (Göethe)

Silk, nylon, cotton, aluminium
2 collages 80 x 100 cm
Ole Akhøj
Danish Arts Foundation
@ Anne Damgaard
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