Biennial of Arts & Crafts & Design

– Following an Open Call with the theme “Takeaway”, the jury has selected 24 projects created by a total of 26 makers.

Anne Damgaard's "Takeaway" was eelgrass, that she brought home from her summer vacation on the Danish Island Læsø. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the old eelgrass roofs, crafted by women in a matriarchal society, she began experimenting with aesthetic properties of eelgrass.

Exhibition, Group-Exhibition, One-Off
Denmark, 2021
June 5, 2021 — October 24, 2021

The selected projects relate to the theme TAKEAWAY and answer the question “what do you take with you through or from the corona crisis?” Some take it all with them; for who knows what one will need on the other hand. Others have had to scrap previously so well-functioning materials and practices to start over with what is available in the kitchen. And some have found old, stored materials, techniques and works and reinvented or even sprung them up and transformed them into new works that explore sustainability and professional traditions. In addition, new species and hybrid works have emerged and are ready to take on the new reality.

– Anni Nørskov Mørch, jury.

Eelgrass Dresses #1, #2 and #3
Anne Damgaard has designed three dresses, of Japanese hand-woven hemp-gauze and ramie combined with eelgrass. In dress # 1, the eelgrass is twisted, as in the ‘vaskere’ used to cover seaweed roofs, in dress # 2, eelgrass is used as decoration and in dress # 3, the eelgrass forms the construction itself, which is inspired by the construction of the seaweed roofs.

Eel-grass, handwoven hemp-gauze, ramie and polyester(Nuno)
3 draped dresses
Dorte Krogh
Miranda Egeskov Bigum
Dorte Krogh
Henning Johansen, the roofer on Læsø Island
@ Anne Damgaard
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