Exhibition of wreaths

Exhibition of wreaths:
Jewelery artist Pernille Mouritzen, Jewelery artist Katrine Borup, Ceramist Marianne Nielsen, Textile artist Grethe Wittrock, Fabric printer Anne Fabricius Møller, Designer Ane Lykke, Ceramist Marianne Krumback, Furniture designer Anne Brandhøj, Glass artist Pipaluk Lake, Textile and clothing artist Kristmann Anne

Forester Rasmus Willumsen will tell us about the colors of the beech leaves, why and how they change over the year.
Beat poet Claus Høxbroe will improvise as he does so well.
Next year's guest artist at Dyrehavehuset will be revealed and

title: Flow, O50cm tulle and aluminium

type — group exhibition
date — 21/06/20 — 21/06/20
event — Exhibition of wreaths
Rejnstrupvej 5A
4250 Fuglebjerg
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