A Dallas and US fashion first / Danish artist - Anne Damgaard /drawing in fabric

6-9 hors d'oeuvres / succulent sweets / wild wines

7:30 / fashion walk dress / street-style - sound Hannah / Hammond
ticket / $50 haute sponsor / $1310 / 4 tickets

host / Seth + Joan Davidow sponsored / Heritage Auctions

Preview Exhibition Structured

The exhibition and the event How fitting it is mark the Danish artist’s first presentation
in the United States. With a dynamic flair for fashion, Damgaard designs pieces that
beckon to the fashion world as objets d’art. Bedecked under the high ceiling on starkwhite
figurative forms, the works attest to the structured in an uncommon way.
type — live performance
date — 13/09/19 — 13/09/19
Site 131
131, Payne Street
Dallas 75207, TX
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